My bogging experience so far

Although I find it very valuable to make informed reflections on my practice, I am not a diary writer. I think I would have found it more valuable to have had direct experiences to blog about and used literature and research to inform these reflections. However, as I wrote in my assignment e-learning requires the student to take more responsibility for their learning and I have not made the most of my learning in this area.  To begin I thought I would find it difficult to voice my thoughts online and publically, especially given that they are always there for you to revisit and cringe at. However, I have not found that the case. I think one of the main reasons for this is that they often result in a dialogue with others, which validates or challenges your views, but wither way helps you expand and make sense of your thinking. I think engaging with people’s comments on my blogs and commenting on others blogs has been the most rewarding aspect of blogging. It actually feels productive and at times resulted in new and inspired thinking.   

I did however, learn what a blog is and I am now a trillion times more wiser about how they could be used in the classroom, along with discussion boards, multimedia resources, virtual worlds and so on. Based on the lectures and this blog and my assignment I am fairly confident I will apply these digital technologies and online tools in appropriate and usful ways in the classroom. Not only am I wiser about using these tools I am also excited, rather than scared, about applying them and already have plans to do so in my practicum with year sevens when I teach them about information texts in literacy. 

My blog was held up by my lack of technical expertise and clunky computer, which resulted in immense frustration at times after hours of trying to embed something or establish links (i.e. Vokis!). Despite all the best intentions I did not manage to achieve all I wanted to in this regard. I had wanted to try our Storybird as I think it will be a good scaffolding tool for students struggling with writing, as would Moviemaker as pointed out by others. I had also wanted to have my Delicious tag cloud linked on my blog, as I find this an incredible tool for organising all the resources I have collected and will continue to do so. I think in my own time these things will be achieved.

What I have now from my blogging experience is a reference of what I feel comfortable with and can use in the classroom and what needs further exploration. This is a good starting point from which to continue to develop my knowledge and skills in e-learning. It would be great to keep blogging as a way of recording and reflecting on my learning and hopefully others in the class will also continue to do so, which will maintain the value of the shared dialogue. What I will do differently though is blog about my experiences in the classroom, primarily in relation to e-learning and more actively seek out solutions to the issues I face and the ideas for expanding on the sucesses. 


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